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Joint Based face Rig Demo

I Just dug this out of the archives.  It’s a demo of a rig I built while doing a CG society course early this year, it uses a LOT of joints, all driven by set driven keys.  It’s the first time I’ve digressed from using Blendshapes in a rig setup and it does work very nicely.

A lot of credit must go to Judd Simantov who ran the course, and produced a wonderfully appealing model for the students to work with.

The video is 3 minutes long and is mostly just me doodling and making faces for fun, so I give you a Ace Frehley as it’s soundtrack!

Febdate and life post-Frankfurt

So I’m back in London now after 6 months in Frankfurt and already missing the loverly people I met.  The seven wonders are over and I’m now getting used to life away from real time rendering.

My main targets are for the near future are too learn some new skills while I have some downtime(…being unemployed).  Currently on the learning list, python, and some facial rigging all geared towards becoming a better all-round CGTD.  I’ve just taken on some CG society courses, one on facial rigging and one on learning python, its seems a nice way to get feedback on work rather than learning in isolation.  I hope to offer up some updates as and when I can…

For the time being here’s some eyecandy….it’s the last project I worked on at Crytek.  The text shots are mostly my work, lighting, texturing and set dressing….its soo easy when you have cryengine….(well, when it works that is!).  There were many days spent I spent screaming at screens when things never went as planned, but it was all worth it in the end.



Projects from 2012

Its been a busy year for me,

I’ve spent the first half of 2012 learning lots of cool things about character rigging while working as a TD on a small animated short called Pet Hate.  A great project to be involved in, working alongside some wonderful people and  directed by a friend and colleague I worked with while working on Lockout in Dublin.  Here’s the trailer below.  

After this, I spent the last 6 months working in Frankfurt, as a Cinematic artist on a series of promotional trailers for upcoming release of Crysis 3 .  It a great introduction to game world, and a great chance to explore some very impressive software that is the Cryengine, a real time rendering software that goes a long way to making things look cool, very quickly.  The opening helicopter sequence here on episode 1 was my baby.