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FatBat Dynamic Wing Demo

FatBat DynamicWingDemo from naweed Khan on Vimeo.

This a demo of a wing setup I’ve created for this Toony Bat Character. It makes use of a technique described by Zeth Willie. An ikspline joint chain is setup, where the curve is driven by either a manual control setup or a dynamic control setup, the user can blend between the 2 in order to achieve a hybrid of keyframed and simulated animation.

…Someone should write a script to do this! okay… I’ll add it to my list of things I might get around to doing when I’m not staring at pixels!

Wing flapping – nCloth

Here’s a breakdown of a wing flap technique I’m exploring for Fat bat’s wing setup. This allows a skinned mesh to manipulated by an animator, this mesh can then be plugged into a nCloth mesh via a blendshape. In The nCloth Dynamics you can set ‘input attract’ to 1 and paint where the mesh is attracted to the Input Mesh. Black areas are not attracted to the input Mesh so this inherits the cloth simulation.

wing flapping – n-cloth from naweed Khan on Vimeo.

FatBat update

FatBat comes alive that little more….a few quick lighting tests and Photoshop painting. ‘Lighting’ used loosely here, I used viewort 2.0, a screengrab then did some quick backgrounds in photoshop, hence the bad masking!

Went a bit Napolionic on this first one.




Fat Bat Expression Concepts

….And FatBat comes to life a little more, here are expressions drawn over the model to get a sense of how he might look when bought to life.

.…and here’s the full body as it stands, a few kinks, though I’m generally happy with his look, cute and appealing was the goal.



Some fun in Z Brush….

Female Head Doodles


Here are some variations of a female head. all using the same topology,  I took it into mudbox and played around with a little and here are some of the results.

Initially I started with dynamesh in ZBrush, and just started sculpting, using my Pinterest boards a lot for reference, great resource.  I then did a retopology using a combination zRemesher and maya.

Maud in The Mirror

Done, for now! What started as a doodle on post-it-note in a Frankfurt hotel room about a year ago, has climaxed in this short sketch. No sound as yet, but I hope to give this more life soon.  (UPDATE JAN2014) ANIMATION NOW HAS SOUND THANKS TO FANTASTIC TALENTED MUSO, BOOM-MIC WIELDING FRIENDS! OLLY AND JONNY, THANK YOU.