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Maud in The Mirror

Done, for now! What started as a doodle on post-it-note in a Frankfurt hotel room about a year ago, has climaxed in this short sketch. No sound as yet, but I hope to give this more life soon.  (UPDATE JAN2014) ANIMATION NOW HAS SOUND THANKS TO FANTASTIC TALENTED MUSO, BOOM-MIC WIELDING FRIENDS! OLLY AND JONNY, THANK YOU.

Joint Based face Rig Demo

I Just dug this out of the archives.  It’s a demo of a rig I built while doing a CG society course early this year, it uses a LOT of joints, all driven by set driven keys.  It’s the first time I’ve digressed from using Blendshapes in a rig setup and it does work very nicely.

A lot of credit must go to Judd Simantov who ran the course, and produced a wonderfully appealing model for the students to work with.

The video is 3 minutes long and is mostly just me doodling and making faces for fun, so I give you a Ace Frehley as it’s soundtrack!

The Seven Wonders – my part in its downfall!!!

So here are some highlights from my work on the Seven Wonders project.  My first time working in a game engine, and I must say despite a few small hurdles towards the beginning, I soon felt privileged to be using Cryengine 3, an amzing realtime rendering engine, with some fantastic cinematic features.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the shots I was responsible for.

  1. Nano suit macro close up.  Elements created in Maya and Z-Brush, animated in Maya, lit rendered using Cryengine.   A lot of mel scripting went in to these few seconds of animation, I’m aiming to do a little breakdown of the process soon, and will link it here as soon it’s up.
  2. Helicopters, New York intro.  All assets and FX created, animated and lit in engine
  3. Typhoon Gun chamber and bullet time(err…bullets!).  Again created in Engine.  Additional bullet effects created using engine based particles systems.
  4. Launch Trailer Text sequences.  Created Text models and textures using Maya and Photoshop.  All set dressing and lighting and FX again created using the engine’s magic.
  5. Brain fly-through.  Neuron assets created in Maya. Camera and FX animation all done using….Maya!  Just kidding, it was the Cryengine again.



I’ve won’t hail myself as the ultimate scripting wizard…I think I’m pretty average to be fair, but its always nice to make certain tasks a bit quicker.   Here’s a basic python script you can use to copy attributes between 2 selected objects.


”’import maya.cmds as mc”’




#get attributesfromfirst selected

cntrls = (sl=1, tr=1)

print cntrls

cnt = len(cntrls)

print cnt


#check if two items are selected

if cnt != 2 :



if cnt == 2:

#get attributes from master item

attrList = mc.listAttr (cntrls[0], v=1, k=1)

print attrList

#add attributes to next selected item

for attr in attrList :

mc.addAttr (cntrls[1], k=True, at=”float”, ln=attr)




Febdate and life post-Frankfurt

So I’m back in London now after 6 months in Frankfurt and already missing the loverly people I met.  The seven wonders are over and I’m now getting used to life away from real time rendering.

My main targets are for the near future are too learn some new skills while I have some downtime(…being unemployed).  Currently on the learning list, python, and some facial rigging all geared towards becoming a better all-round CGTD.  I’ve just taken on some CG society courses, one on facial rigging and one on learning python, its seems a nice way to get feedback on work rather than learning in isolation.  I hope to offer up some updates as and when I can…

For the time being here’s some eyecandy….it’s the last project I worked on at Crytek.  The text shots are mostly my work, lighting, texturing and set dressing….its soo easy when you have cryengine….(well, when it works that is!).  There were many days spent I spent screaming at screens when things never went as planned, but it was all worth it in the end.